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Key features:

  • The wedding is a part of Kritika Wedding N Entertainment pvt Ltd which fully evolve in managing any function.
  • Our company all the services in the fields of entertainment that may be of venue arrangement, wedding planning and catering.
  • We are containing the solutions of all big/ small events related to any weddings, special days, birthdays, or official celebrations.
  • Our company is famous as a best wedding planner and created the record to plans best wending and also events.
  • Top class Caters and cockers that are able prepare the big variety of food with much different taste are there.
  • The theme decoding services are of best quality of having very much high experienced decoder; they design the best themes.
  • DJ-music sounds are also there of very different quality and operates by the specific instrument experts of very high experience.
  • Our staff is the service provider to any of the function/ event/ weddings, all relative to the entertainment and fun.

About our company:

  • Our company provides the top catering in Delhi with all the quality materials used and the variety of menu items.
  • We already have best caters and cockers who can prepare the variety of food with different taste than the others.
  • Our company containing many sectors and works related to the entertainment and services like Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries and other programs.
  • Also we provide the services in all fields that may be of wedding planning, venue management or any catering services.
  • All the event managers are with top class quality and rewards winners, so events could be of the top class.
  • Theme decoders are expert in particular field and working on unique models like Weddings, Birthdays-theme, Jaimala and many more others.
  • Our company also provides the services to book the hotels, resorts and Form houses for all type of the function.

Our Catering services:

  • Our company provides the Luxury Indian Catering Service in Delhi / NCR which operates by the very well experienced cookers.
  • The uniqueness of our catering services is to provide food of different region and taste of each part of India.
  • Our menu contains variety of food and these are being available with the particular region specialist person belongs to there.
  • They are also Wedding and Birthdays party item specialist; they may provide all the taste required to any marriage parties.
  • Our catering services are available in Delhi / NCR for all type of events and any of company events also.

Therefore you may get best catering services in Delhi NCR with the platform of the wedding

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