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Luxury wedding planner in Delhi with Gold, Diamond and Platinum packages

Many things of an individual’s behavior do not change at all accept their small improvement with the environmental conditions and demand. But sometimes people want to show something more than their current conditions only to maintain their old status of society. No one knows about your status even when you give some indication like a huge luxury wedding or event arrangement. Your specific events like birthdays, anniversaries and many more household events give a message of your status and thing.

So we are a luxury wedding planner in Delhi with all the luxury arrangements, plans, and contacts with top-class venues. Our way of thinking and planning is much speeded all around Delhi as we planned many famous weddings in Delhi. Something is very different in our working style, handling the events and their planning so that people like our arrangement.

We make each Weddings Luxury in their budget with some strategic plans: We arrange many luxurious things in cheapest price. Some points are given bellow and for more information about our services and plans refer to visit our website

  • Celebrities: Since Kritika Wedding-N- Entertainment Pvt Ltd has years of experience in CELEBRITY-MANAGEMENT, so avails the best deal to add them.
  • Singer: Let not the zear for music fade away, mind-blowing voice, graceful, attractive, keep it loud, yet very subtle. We arranging from Hip-Hop to classical, Bollywood-flicks to hardcore Rock music, and Gazal to the very famous Sufi Music.
  • Anchor: We always prefer to add the famous Anchors to your party to make them glamorous is our primary work.
  • Performances: Dancers, anchors, Comedians and many other performers are working for us permanently so their cost of performance gets reduce. Some specific performances are given bellow which we can arrange easily and they are working with us for various parties.
  • Belly Dance
  • Latin American Dance
  • Salsa
  • Meringue Dance
  • Pole Dancer
  • Global Music and Dances
  • Fire Dance
  • Anchors & Emcee
  • Models Dance Groups
  • Filipino Band
  • Bolero
  • Cumbia
  • Folk Dances Of India
  • Classical Dances
  • Contemporary and Marshal Art
  • Samba
  • Western Dance Jazz Style
  • The fusion of Latino With Jazz
  • Chair Dance
  • Bollywood Themes Item Dancer
  • Western Band

Therefore we are a luxury wedding planner in Delhi with many of the Gold, Diamond and Platinum Packages for weddings.