5 star hotels in delhi

5 star hotel in Delhi can be used in very best price with platform of wedding rose

About the Company:

  • Our company Kritika Wedding n Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. is the base company for all the different actions of www. theweddingrose.com.
  • We provide the complete solution of all big and small events related to any weddings, birthdays, Anniversaries or official celebrations.
  • Best wedding planners are there who have been created the record to plans best wending and all type of events.

A platform which provides all the facilities and every solution for all type of functions:

  • We provide all the services for wedding and events that may be of venue management, wedding planning or catering services.
  • Our company provides best service providers with top class quality and rewards winners so that events are being the classy.
  • Caters and cockers are also there who can prepare the various tastes of food with much different taste than others.
  • We provide the theme decoding services with the expert level experienced decoder; they may design themes exact as the requirement.
  • Our decoders are expert in every field and working on unique model like Weddings, Birthdays theme and many of others.
  • Our company provides DJ-music sounds which have a unique quality and operates by the particular instrument experts with much experience.
  • We provide every single service which could be needed in any of the function/ event for the entertainment and fun.
  • Since there are many hotels and farm houses to perform the event, we provide all the information at our platform.
  • You may know about their prices, rooms, quality of services and book any of them by us in best price.
  • Our company is working as window source for all of these 5 star hotel in Delhi and famous farm houses.
  • We always contain each and every information about 5 star hotels and also working to provide you the best deals.
  • Our company is responsible to provide all the solutions related to any event and also each of the wedding related services.
  • Being so many options to book any 5 star hotel in Delhi but we have our tie-ups with additional facilities.
  • Our rates are much different from the market rates and facilities provided by hotels are also additional with the normal.

Therefore you may have all the facilities for the events that may be an office party or household functions.

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